Moving ~

Hello dears
I recently moved my blog to blogspot, the new blog address is
Please make sure to change your bookmarks! I will leave this blog here as it is (and transfer all old posts to the new place) but won't update here anymore)
And... I'm writing this from Zurich airport and will be boarding my flight to Beijing in 10 minutes. You will be able to read my adventures in China and Korea from my new blog, so make sure to come by and update your bookmarks! Have a nice week. ~  ♥

Final Stages ~

It's finally time. In less than two weeks my fiancé and I will be on our way to Beijing and Seoul.

I guess I'm over the worst and finally looking forward to the future again.
Though very interesting these last few months have stressed me out in so many ways that I started feeling worn out both physically and mentally and in the middle of a mild depression.
The relationship with my fiancé had to endure many setbacks because of my burn out
but I think it can only get better from now on. ^^

Thank you for bearing with me these last few months.

I think I now have the energy to start blogging again and
I'm excited about this summer, I'll have lots to tell you! ♥

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