Second Giveaway ~

This is my second giveaway on Laurita. I'm really excited!
I know, for those who have seen my first giveaway it may look quite similar and it actually is.
But who can resist a cute Baby the Stars Shine Bright calendar? ♪

I'm giving away a new BTSSB 2010 calendar, the Spring/Summer catalogue and a cute (adjustable) ring ~
plus: lovely mini towel from Metamorphose + an offbrand panda pouch!

as you can see most items are from loli brands and all are super cute! ~ 

How to enter ~

  • follow my blog! (list is on the side bar to the right)
  • Post an entry in your blog about this giveaway or about my blog and link back to my blog! (of course you can use the pictures here)
  • leave a comment with your name, email and blog address (+ post about the giveaway/my blog)
  • special requirement: leave me some constructive criticism
    (not just "i like your blog" but what you specially (dis)like or what I could improve in my blog!)
  • giveaway starts TODAY and ends July 11th
  • there'll be 1 main winner and a second winner (consolation prize)! both will be chosen randomly

good luck! ~


Comment from: thea andrine [Visitor] ·
hi, my name is thea andrine and i'm from Denmark. my blog should be shown and my email is:
my criticism is that the calender you use doesn't show the title of the blog entry until click on it, ( a list per month with titles would be useful) and a thing i would really love is a search engine! then when i wanted to see something particular I could just search. example: if I wanted to know if you had done a bodyline review I wouldn't have to go through all the entry's.
i really love your blog, omg i would be soo ecstatic to win!
07/06/10 @ 08:42
Comment from: AiChan [Visitor]
-Name: Núria
-Criticism: Maybe, to make more active your blog, you should post or tutorials, music reviews, music news, contests, penpaling activities etc. :)
07/06/10 @ 12:35
Mein Name ist Yuki :D
Mein Blog:
Der Eintrag mit deinem Giveaway:

Kritik: Du könntest vielleicht persönliche Stylingtipps geben :D Bilder, wie du früher ausgesehen hast und jetzt. Shoppingtipps, Kochtipps, du kochst ja gerne Koreanisch (?)
07/06/10 @ 18:27
Comment from: Angi [Visitor] ·
es wäre echt toll wenn du an der folgenden Umfrage teil nehmen könntest. Dadurch könnte es wahr werden das eine JPop Band/Sänger in Deutschland ein Konzert gibt. Es wäre auch echt super wenn du die Info weiter gibst!! DANKE!!

P.S. Ich würde es super finden wenn du auch für Kumi eine Stimme abgeben würdest, man hat 3 Stimmen!! Danke!
07/06/10 @ 20:04
Comment from: Angie [Visitor] Email ·
Name: Angie
Criticism: Although I do really enjoy reading your personal entries, it'd be cool if you posted tutorials or reviews in the future as well.

Thank you for having such a lovely blog and for hosting this giveaway! My post is in the link below. Also, I followed this with
07/07/10 @ 02:52
Comment from: Tina [Visitor]
name Tina (pepperdove)

concrit: when I hover over parts of the background, it goes all brick red, and the text becomes very hard to read. Actually, there is also a lot of light colored text that is hard to see.

Also, I want pix of your lovely closet! :)
07/07/10 @ 06:40
Comment from: Thanh Thao [Visitor] ·
Hi, my name is Thanh Thao, your loyal follower! My email is and I've posted abbout your giveaway here:

Critic: Maybe it is just me (having bad eyes or so) but I think it's hard to read your posts cause the letters are so small. It is not really a huge problem, but kinda hard nevertheless.

What I really love about your blog is that you post so many authentic fotos from yourself! I've seen many bloggers only writing texts or only posting "shopped" fotos. What I'd like to see more here are maybe videos (or just like the one you have in your sidebar, it's really cute!)
07/07/10 @ 09:52
Comment from: Diana (hanakeiko) [Visitor]
Name: Diana
Criticism: I think your blog is pretty cute, maybe you should try and let other people know how you inspire yourself to dress up so beautifully put-together, how you mix and match lot's of different textures and color palletes (like some sort of tutorial on how to complement some colors with others), do some reviews of the products you purchase (brand or offbrand) and it would be so awesome if you had tags so we could easily look up the most interesting entries, or maybe a search bar :D

Note: Following on my email - ( I don't have a blog :( )

I love your coordinates and I think you have a very cute and bubbly personality, I always love how you match the colors in your outfits :) keep it going!
07/07/10 @ 13:09
Comment from: Ephraelle [Visitor] ·

I'm from France, my name is Ephraëlle (but you can call me "Ephy" as all my friends =3).

I already sent you some messages on your formspring and never realized there was a place to leave feedback =o=° *stupid*

I'm happy to discover it hehe x)

Btw :

My name : Ephy
My email :
My blog :
Link to the post for your giveaway :

My criticism can be these :

* I'd like to see your outfits more often (as you do sometimes on daily_loli for examples), because I think you have really amazing clothes and I love to see them and see how you coordinate them x)

* I'd like to see some scan from magazines (japanese or others ! no matter) you like.

* I'd reaaally like to read some reviews from your purchases.
You seems to know a lot of shops and as I'm a shopping addicted I'd love to read what you think about this or that shop :)

* I also would like to read some cooking ideas you can do, you said that you're becoming a great/sweet housewife for your boyfriend (hello there !) and I'm quite sure you have great receipts and then as I'm French I shall be delighted to be able to test receipts from your country, my bf will also be happy x)

That's all my ideas right now..
I hope it helps =3

And good luck to all other participants <3
07/07/10 @ 13:12
Comment from: Saffi [Visitor] ·
i follow you on GFC as saffi ^^ is my post :P


for one thing this bright pink comment box makes it hard to see the grey writing next to the boxes >_>
i like seeing all your photos of you and your bf. Maybe some more outfit post would be cute! or hair/makeup/accessory closeups ^^
07/08/10 @ 12:48
Comment from: Sasa [Visitor] Email ·
My name is Sasa and I'm already following you ^^


Here's the post where I mentioned your giveaway :3

I haven't been following you for very long, so I can't give any constructive criticism or anything, but so far, I pretty much like your blog ^^
07/08/10 @ 20:48
♥ Name: Tiffany

♥ Email: tiffanyannco[at]

♥ Blog Post:

♥ Criticism: Your blog is really cute. I would love to see more outfit posts, close-up photos of accessories and detail shots of clothing, and product reviews.
Also, hair and make-up tutorials are always fun, so it would be nice if you were to make a few of those (or even post magazine scans of hair/make-up tutorials)
07/10/10 @ 04:14
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email

- the giveaway is closed -
thanks to everyone who joined and gave me precious concrit for my blog!
I'll print out all of your entries and analyze how I could improve my blog!
the giveaway winner will be announced on
july 21st!

stay tuned! ~ 

07/12/10 @ 11:13

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