How to order from Yumetenbo ~

Since so many of you come to my page by googling "Yumetenbo" and Kitai asked me how to order I'm writing a small guide. Hope you enjoy! ^^

There's an updated Article about Yumetenbo here

First of all, if you don't want to pay extra for a shopping service you shouldn't order from the Yumetenbo store but from the Rakuten Yumetenbo Store (don't worry, there's nearly no difference between the 'main' store and the rakuten one - only that the 'main' webpage looks much cuter, but the items stay the same!.
Rakuten hosts many, many different shops and offers oversea shipping. So to order from the Rakuten Yumetenbo Store you will have to register on Rakuten! ^_^
notice: You'll need a credit card

First of all, go to the Yumetenbo rakuten page:

Follow up:

Click on the link in the right top of the page ^^

You'll have to click the register link ^^

Fill out the register form (on the right top you can choose between Japanese/English)
you don't even need to give many infos, just the 'red required' ones! ^^


...yay, you're registered!

confirmation mail:


choose the right color ^^

after clicking the "add to basket" button you'll be asked to log in
(unless you already are)

im your first shopping spree you most likely don't have any points yet...

choose payment method (I do it with credit card) and shipping method (only choice - EMS) - the other stuff is when you order from Japan!

confirm your order! ^^

complete the order *^^*

... congrats! your first yumetenbo order! ^^
enjoy the items! ^_^

if there's some substep that I haven't illustrated or that you don't understand, you can alway send me a mail!
and don't forget: Google Translation is your best friend!! ^_~

(sorry for the crappy image quality, I put together this tutorial between 1-2am and I'm tired to death... =_=''' )


Comment from: Shmuberry [Visitor] Email ·

You are amazing for writting this! Next time, I won't use Japonica to order from Rakuten!! =D
08/16/10 @ 07:29
Greaaat !
I love this shop but I didn't purchase yet because I didn't know how to do, thanks <3

A question about shipping, did you receive a tracking number ? How much time did it take to come to your house after you paid (your experience) ?

About the payment, can we pay by paypal ?

And about the size, is that small ?
As you have already purchase on this webshop, I'd like to know what do you think about size please :3

Thanks again for this cute tutorial !
08/16/10 @ 10:02
Comment from: Sasa [Visitor] Email ·
Damn you, I have no money and this is such a great guide to spend it! haha
But anyways, thanks for this <3
Yumetenbo is such a cute shop! I know I won't be able to resist for much longer!
08/16/10 @ 13:32
Comment from: Kitai Fi [Visitor] Email ·
Yay ! Thank you for doing this !
I already checked out how to order but the registration was really a problem. Thank you so much.
And you are right. Google Translation is your best friend. But the stuff on buttons can not be copied ~.~ so im not able to translate everything on google.
But thanks for this information and screenshots !
08/16/10 @ 23:42
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@Shmuberry: that's great to hear! ^_^ You can sign up for rakuten anytime and try your luck there! =D (but the shipping costs aren't cheap at all -.-)

@Ephy: Actually I haven't ordered many clothes from them, mostly shoes and bags... so I can't really tell about the sizes. I know that normally the 'big sizes' are sold out most quickly, because the 'normal sizes' are for 75cm bust girls T_T (be careful about the sizing, specially the bust and hips area! then you should be on the safe side ^^)
I didn't receive any tracing number, but after ordering the day after yesterday I got a confirmation mail that my order will be shipped out on the 19th, so quite quick ^^
I don't remember how long it took the last time, but I'll tell you when exactly I got the items when I'm back from China in 3 weeks ^^
about paypal... I think you can't pay per paypal... but I'm not sure. If you have a VISA/MASTER card you're on the safe side...
(actually I can't read Japanese at all, so I'm only guessing...maybe in 1 year I'll be able to translate the stuff for my beloved readers ^^

@Sasa: *haha* I know that feeling... I used to browse several rakuten shops and daydream... TT_TT there are many other cute shops beside Yumetenbo, I'll introduce them in some other entry... so take care of your money! XD ~ 

@Kitai Fi: so what kind of problem did you have?
You're right about the buttons.... but I hope the tutorial will be helpful in the future ^^'
08/17/10 @ 10:50
Comment from: Kitai Fi [Visitor] Email ·
My problem was the registration. I found the registration for japanese people but not for foreigners.You helped me (:
But one more probleme ( sorry ;_; )
I can not find the weight ? I found how much you have to pay for 1 kg etc but not the information about how much weight one product has.
I really copied all to copie and paste it into translation but there was no information about the weight o_o am I blind ?^^
08/18/10 @ 02:42
Comment from: cecil [Visitor] Email ·
That was such a great post ! It helped me a lot ^^ is visa electron OK ? and do i need to pay ALOT shipping payments ? over 20 euros...? DX
08/19/10 @ 19:09
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@Kitai Fi: well, it's nice to hear that the post helped! ^^ You don't need to know the weight... the shipping cost is related to the cost of the items you bought... you can see in the photo where I wrote "ems" the shipping rates.
If you spend 0 - 5250yen the shipping cost is 1575yen, if you spend 5251-10500yen it's 3150yen and so on ^^

@cecil: I think visa is ok ~ 
I answered the shipping question above ^^
it depends how much you order, if you order under 5250yen (~49eur) it will cost 1575yen (~15eur). hope that helped~
08/20/10 @ 15:21
Comment from: francine [Visitor] Email ·
thanks for the post! the proxy service I use is getting a tad too expensive for me so this was fantastic! Although I was wondering if you knew if debit (visa) cards are accepted or not? thanks :3
09/19/10 @ 17:11
Comment from: Christine [Visitor] Email
How come I didn't discover this until now?? I've just put in a HUGE order through Treasure Japan from yumetenbo ;____; *money flies out of the window*
I'm guessing this works for other rakuten stores as well, like Galstar?
Thanks for the guide :D
11/23/10 @ 17:00
Comment from: Cake [Visitor] Email ·
Ah! Thank you so much <333 I found this guide before I found the web site, so useful! I was wondering if I could take this and translate it to Portuguese, so the girls at the Brazilian communities can shop directly as well? Will give you all credit and link back to this page, of course :3 Sorry to bother, take care~
12/09/10 @ 03:09
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@francine: yes, it is quite expensive... and credit cards are accepted! :D have fun shopping! ~ 

@Christine: ^___^''' well, at least you know how to order now! it's not that hard actually! :D

@Cake: *honored* of course you can translate it and help me share the wisdom =P But I warn you... there have been some changes on rakuten and I'll update with a new guide soon (maybe in January 11) ~  so don't forget to come back and check it! ^_^
12/09/10 @ 13:22
Comment from: riko [Visitor]
thank you so much for these yumetenbo instructions what you have done! I didn't even know that it would be possible to order without shopping service ;u;! oh and also thank you for the magazine scans *u* keep up the good work~!
01/07/11 @ 19:34
Comment from: Manon [Visitor]
Thanks sooo much!
i was already browsing trough this site and it has so many cute items.
just one question, i live in the Netherlands, and once i tried to confirm my order,they wanted my adres but i can't fill in my country.
so it looks like they only deliver in Japan.
How can i let them know they should deliver is in the Netherlands? 0_0
I already picked out the items and now i still can't order TT___TT.
Hope you can help :)
01/13/11 @ 21:35
Comment from: Laure [Visitor]
Your article is actually great but I had the same problem as Manon...
I don't know where I can write my adress... (I live in France)
It really seems that they only deliver in Japan...
01/16/11 @ 16:14
Comment from: Carol [Visitor]
thanks! but they dont acept paypal?
02/02/11 @ 01:43
Comment from: Béné [Visitor] ·
For laure > They send orders in France (je suis aussi française) and I order very often from Rakuten shop and even on the official shop which sell in France too. if you want more informations, please contact me via my blog.
03/30/11 @ 23:50
Comment from: Johanna [Visitor] Email ·
Did you make another guide yet? I am trying to order and I was so happy about this guide but there seems to be ALOT more going on in the ordering process now than it was when you wrote this guide. As previous comments say, there is no space to input your country etc.

Also, there is just SO much text going on! It's impossible to understand it even though Im using Google translate. It's talking about "ordering in a bundle" or "paying separately", and I just don't understand anything. Ive already picked out 11 items as well and I cannot seem to find the guts to hit the "confirm order" button, with all these fields Ive left empty for tons of text I cannot understand. And I studied Japanese for 6 months daily in Tokyo... XD It's hard! Please help! <333
05/19/11 @ 22:01
Comment from: Emma [Visitor] Email

I have a UK debit card and I always have enough money in my account, but my orders never go through.

I receive an email in Japanese from Rakuten saying that my order has been confirmed.
Then a couple of days later, I receive an email saying that my order has been cancelled (I guess because they don't recognise the UK debit card system?).

Please help whenever you can, though I understand that you're busy and under a lot of stress at the moment.

Many thanks, and I hope things get better for you soon.
08/17/11 @ 04:37

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