Leaving for China ~

Hello dears!
Some of you might already know that I'm leaving for China (more accurately, Shanghai) again!
I'll fly on August 17th (yes, today!!) and come back on September 10th.
That's a really long vacation and I'm looking forward to visiting the Expo, some (moderate!! since I'm broke) shopping, hanging around with my boyfriend, visiting touristic sites, eating YUMMY food (xiaolongbao!!! TT_TT *yums*) and taking LOADS of photos!
Don't worry about the blog...
I'm taking my baby (my MacBook Pro) with me and I'll try to keep you updated with a decent travel diary and photos every second day! So be prepared for loads of Shanghai spam pics! ;3
If you have any suggestion of good shopping/touristic places in Shanghai please let me know! (specially gyaru- and loli-related!)
Despite being my boyfriends' hometown he doesn't know much about it since he came to Switzerland when he was 10.... TT_TT'

So beware!
When you see this red banner it means that the entry is about (and written in) my current China trip! ^_^

See ya! ~ ~ ~


Comment from: Rhyme [Visitor] Email · http://kickasskawaii.blogspot.com/
That is very exciting! I know there are all the lovely brands from china such as Kidsyoyo and Dear Celine. Any of the locations to any physical stores would be cool to know. I hope to go to China someday and would love to be able to visit stores.
08/17/10 @ 06:01
Comment from: Thanh Thao [Visitor] Email · http://www.welcometomysekai.blogspot,com
Ahh, i wish you so much fun in China! I'm looking forward to your travel diary, I love reading such entries :-)
08/17/10 @ 09:35
Comment from: Sasa [Visitor] Email · http://yumepony.blogspot.com
I hope you have a great time there!
aw, I'm sure shopping in shanghai will be great, since everything must be cheaper there, mnh?
But I don't know much about it, so I can't recommend anythign there u,u
08/17/10 @ 16:13
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@Rhyme: Yes, you're right... there are many loli replica brands from shanghainese taobao shops, but many of them don't have physical stores TT_TT (I asked secretshop my favourite one... and they said they don't have any store T_T) You definitely have to go to China someday, it's a great experience! ~ 

@Thanh Thao: Thanks cutie ^^ Now I'm waiting at the airport of Dubai for my transfer flight to Shanghai... so tiring! =_=''

@Sasa: thanks, I'm sure to have! ^^
well, shanghai isn't as cheap as it seems, specially in the last 10 years the prices have increased a lot.... T_T ~ 
08/17/10 @ 23:36
Comment from: hkittygirl [Visitor] Email · http://hkittygirl.blogspot.com
I love how you're more into Chinese things because I know tons of people who constantly diss the Chinese and that bothers me because I'm Chinese/Japanese. It makes me smile. I hope you have tons of fun in Shanghai and I want to go there one day! ♥
08/18/10 @ 05:04
Have fun in China!
Take some cute and beautiful pics! ^-^d
08/18/10 @ 13:29
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@hkittygirl: aww I KNOW T_T I really hated how so many pple used to 'look down' on Chinese related stuff (besides the culture). China's power has been undervalued till around 5-6 years ago... and there were so many teens who only 'loved' everything Japanese, now the Korean wave has reached us too... but till the Chinese wave reaches it might take some more time... anyway, I've always prefered China. (and always dreamed of marrying a Chinese guy <3 )

@AKi: Thanks! I'll be taking photos diligently!
08/19/10 @ 19:00

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