Third Giveaway ~

2011 just started, did you compile your own list of resolutions?
Do they include taking more care of yourself, losing weight, being more sociable and better organised? Ha! I guessed it! =P
I can at least contribute to your last resolution by offering you the opportunity to win a super cute agenda!

I'm giving away 4 different agendas, so there's plenty of chance for you to be the lucky winner!

All the agendas are empty, means you have to fill in the dates and months by yourself! can start the agenda at any month and keep it for a year or if you already have an agenda for 2011 you can save it for 2012 - your choice!

Follow up:

First I'll show you the unique Alice's Diary Agenda, the thickest and most expensive of the 4!
It has a beautiful vintage feeling and is scattered with original drawings from "Alice in Wonderland". The agenda comes with a hardback protection, a cute rabbit pen and some sticker sheet to decorate your agenda! :D

Next are two very cute agendas from the brand Ponybrown. They feature a little girl and her daily adventures and positive attitude (it's my personal favourite)!
I used an old Ponybrown agenda in 2010 and I loved it! I ordered 3 nex agendas, they haven't arrived yet and I don't know which one of the three I'll pick for myself but I tend towards the Mint or Pink one - you'll receive one of the other two left =P
This agenda also comes with stickers to decorate it! ~ 

this is the agenda I used (and loved!) last year

Last but not least the sweetest mini planner around from Jetoy! Do you know Choo Choo, the cat?
The artwork of Jetoy is stunning and the cats melt my heart in a storm!
This planner is thin and small, very practical to take everywhere and enjoy the colorful artwork in every single page of this gem!

How to enter ~
  • Please let me know which agenda you'd prefer to win (give me your top 2 priorities)
  • you don't need to be a follower but at least "like" my facebook page (you can find the link in the right menu bar)
  • Post an entry about this giveaway - you can choose between facebook and your own blog (feel free to use the first graphic with my logo)
  • leave a comment with your name, email and blog address (or link to your facebook entry)
  • giveaway starts TODAY and ends January 16th


UWWWAA Finally I found where to comment :D

I would be so lucky to win this b/c my birthday is on January the 16th ♥♥♥

The blue one of ponybrown is my favourite. And my second choice would be the other colour or the Agenda of the choochoo cat.

Nyaa thank u for this lovely giveaway !!

I posted on my FB acc. b/c there I have more friends :D

Link is up there.
01/09/11 @ 22:52
Comment from: Chelsea [Visitor] Email · http://randomnumberedsheep.blogspot.
The Alice planner is a beautiful find! And the Ponybrown planner is adorable! I'm working on putting up a blog post now.

01/09/11 @ 22:53
Comment from: Pen [Visitor] · http://facebook.piniponpen
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ik kann meine Links net schicken T_T

ich möchte so gerne dat
MINT (bin hase)
2.wahl dat BLUE
von Ponybrown T~T

und ich hab am 1.Feb geb .__.
und würde mich noch mehr freuen schon am 16jan. zeug reinschreiben zu können T_T

Pen the Cake

01/10/11 @ 00:11
Hey lacosta!

I have been a silent follower of yours for quite a while and have to say love your blog.

Anyway. I would love to enter your giveaway ^^.

I would have used my blog, but I have been unactive for quite a while tho I wrote something in my Facebook :)

If I would win I would choose the PonyBrown in Mint or the Alice Diary.
Im starting my first year college in Summer so that would be great :D

01/10/11 @ 02:34
Comment from: megan [Visitor] Email · http://thestrawberrycorner.blogspot
1)The two Ponybrown ones are my top choices!

2)I liked your page on facebook and I'm also a follower.

3) I wrote about it on my blog too, but when I try to link it here, it says it's "illegal content" and won't let me comment. It won't let me put my full blog address in the website box either, it says "URL not allowed." So you'll have to add on the ".com" part... :/

4)Other than that, I think I entered all the correct info into the comment boxes! Hope I did it all okay. :)

Anyway, thanks so much! Do you mind if I ask where you got the journals from? Did you get them from a local store or online?
01/10/11 @ 03:47
Comment from: mysli [Visitor] · http://myslivieh.blogspot.
Hello Lacosta^^

I've been a follower for some time (but I don't know if I'm visible as one).

I love the Alice's Diary (all those little details!), but I also really like the choochoo agenda (one of the cats even looks like mine).

I've written a blog-post about the giveaway, but I can't post the link to it here (it says "illegal content").

My email-adress is
01/10/11 @ 22:03
Comment from: Leaa [Visitor] · http://www.cassisroses.blogspot
Waaaah you make it so difficult for us to choose Laurita! D: After a night thinking I chooooose

- The Alice and Wonderland Diary
- The Ponybrown Agenda (especially the pink or the blue one)

Those two are the cutest in my opinion! 8D

EDIT: I think there is something wrong with the url section? So I left the .com away ^^

PS. How did your tests go?
01/11/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: vina angelina [Visitor] ·
OMG! the diary is soooo cute!!!!

i've posted an entry about this giveaway :)

I choose :

1. ponybrown (i love all! it's too cute!!)
2. alice in wonderland

hope i could win one of this :)

thanks so much.....
luv your blog always
01/11/11 @ 17:00
Comment from: Pen [Visitor]
Neeei T~T
beim Link the ping and pong ~_~
also zu meinem blog T_T

egal habs in fb scho gepostet :O
01/11/11 @ 20:59
Your giveaways is so damn cute!

I've post an entry on my blogspot (and share on my facebook too!) about the giveaway :)!

I choose ponybrown agenda and choo choo planner!

Thank you! Have a nice day!
01/11/11 @ 21:08
Comment from: Sonia [Visitor] ·
What a lovely giveaway! I'm a follower (as Kurenai87) and I've posted about it on my fb page (!/notes/sonia-solci/laurita-giveaway/496209903458)
My top choiches are the ponybrown agenda and the alice one :)
01/11/11 @ 21:24
Comment from: Raffaella [Visitor] ·
Hi, your blog is so cute! I'd love to enter your giveaway :3 My favourite agendas are the Alice one and the Ponybrown one, but I'd be ok with the other one too :) I linked this post in my FB page, hope it's ok! Thank you!
01/11/11 @ 21:27
Comment from: Ally [Visitor] · http://somethingtopickat.blogspot
Hey there ~^^ awesome give-away, those diaries are just too cute to describe :)

(1) My favourite one is the alice's diary,
(2) though second best would be ponybrown

I'm a follower of you on bloglovin ~ a place for all of my favourite blogs :)

have a nice day ~ :D oh, and it says I'm not allowed to enter a URL or something, so you just have to add a [dot]com at the end and it'll be all peachy ~
01/12/11 @ 00:31
Comment from: Gaby Briones [Visitor] ·
Hi! your blog is sooo cute! I came here looking for some jmag then i saw this lovely giveaway <3

I'll very happy if i can get the cho cho mini diary.. i didn't know the character or even the wonderful artist behind the cute cho cho but now i absolutely love them! my second option will be the the alie in wonderland agenda (to be honest the 3 agendas all SO cute!)

I'll post about yur blog in my facebook.

thank you for this giveaway! <3 and for sharing jmags! <3
01/12/11 @ 07:37
you have a beautiful blog! and this giveaway is awesome! i followed you and likd your facebook page. :)

my favorite agenda would be the alice in wonderland and my next favorite is the ponybrown (the blue or pink one)

shared the giveaway on my facebook.
01/12/11 @ 09:24
Comment from: Kitamura [Visitor]
Nyan Nyan Nyan, woah woah woah, ¨scuze me"

Lovely gifts uve got there ^^.
I will have to post this quickly on my blog then b4 its to late.
Surely this is 2 wonderful to pass by ^^
Such lovely journals.

my top two choices have to be:
1/Ponybrown (shes so cute)
2/ Choo Choo the cat
I had to choose CHoo Choo, just love cats. Ive got 4 at home v_v yes( if u want to know their names just ask, you will be surprised)

can't seem to place my blog url if i do it tells me its not correct O_o why ive got know idea.
so I will place it here :(if you don't mind)

01/12/11 @ 17:40
Comment from: Kaila [Visitor] ·
Posted the entry via facebook :)

would love to have the pony brown or alice in wonderland agenda.

More Power to you <3
01/12/11 @ 19:37
Comment from: Kitamura [Visitor] · http://www.ikitamura.blogspot.c
I hope the link to the website works. If it works then am quite happy.

each time it keeps telling me URL not allowed.
01/13/11 @ 11:34
Comment from: chicaxxi [Visitor] ·

La agenda de gatitos es preciosa!!

Me encanta tu blog, es muy chulo.

Saludos xD
01/13/11 @ 14:43
1. Alice Diary
2. Choo Choo Planner

I have linked via my open Facebook page above back to the blog and also through your FB page!

I hope I win, i still haven't even got around to getting a planner yet :P
01/13/11 @ 15:29
Comment from: Mio [Visitor] ·
Hey there,
I love your blog, awesome mags, as always! :D And i love your loli coords, especially the one with fantasic dolly!

My top choices would be:
(1) The Alice Diary
(2) Choo Choo, the Cat

Here is my link, if above does not work:!/photo.php?fbid=186180688067489&set=a.101470466538512.3318.100000266782370&comments

01/13/11 @ 22:54
Comment from: Özge L. Yilmaz [Visitor] Email ·
I've just yet discovered your blog, and I must say; I really love it! I'm actually quite poor, but my birthday's coming up in a week or two (February the 1th) and I wanted to use my birthday money to order a Korean/Japanese diary, but then I found these so called 'give-aways', and I feel very lucky because there are actually people out here that want to spend money for other people, that makes me really happy! I wanted to work and use the money I'd earn for the diary, but I'm only 13 so nobody hires me, and I feel selfish if I ask my mum for money. I'd love to win the Alice's Diary Agenda and the mini planner!

I'll link your give-away at Facebook and in Tumblr!

Good luck for all the participants!

Megumi (that's what everyone calls me).
(P.S. I live in the Netherlands, if there are any shipping prices; I'll pay it with my birthday money)
01/14/11 @ 23:49
Comment from: Aarathi [Visitor] · http://ookinakage.blogspot
I really like reading your blog! Thank you for the magazines! These diaries are soo cute!

1) I really like the Alice Diary and the Choo Choo Diary!

Here's the link again, since it seems that it might not work.

Aarathi <3
01/15/11 @ 07:18
I would like either the ponybrown one-or the kitty one.
Thank you :)
Also have a great new year!
01/16/11 @ 00:42
Hello! I found you from jmagazinescans from LJ. It's so nice of you for doing this.

My choices are:
1. The Alice Diary
2. Ponybrown Diary

And I placed your giveaway info in my newest blog post. I can't link it cause it says it's spam!

Thank you :)
01/16/11 @ 00:44
Comment from: Evelyn Chua [Visitor] Email ·
Would like to have the 'Yesterday and Today' agenda book for both of my choices. Its really lovely!
I also like to read your blog.
Wanna say thanks for uploading magazines on your blog too! Like to read them!!
01/16/11 @ 05:14
Comment from: Mini Mo [Visitor] Email ·
Wow! It's the last day of this entry! I hope I will still qualify! :D

I will write about it on my blog in a second :)

I prefer two Ponybrown Diares :)

My name is Mini Mo (Monika)
My email:
My blog:

And thank you for this cute giveaway! :D
01/16/11 @ 18:30
Comment from: Fran [Visitor] Email
Hi! I want to participate too :D
My choice would be any of the pony brown agendas or the Alice planner :)

I'm posting about it on my blog :D
tutti-y-frutti blogspot com

I hope it's not too late!
01/16/11 @ 19:00
Great giveaway!
And last minute for me I guess :D

I prefer the Alice Diary and the Ponybrown Diaries...they're lovely <3

My name: ErdbeerRei (Kerstin)
My email:
My FB:!/ErdbeerRei
01/16/11 @ 19:07
Comment from: Gondor Tari [Visitor]
I prefer Alice Diary and one of the Ponybrown Diares, but i like all of them!!! So I don´t know which one to choose!!!

I follow you on Fb as Laura Sánchez Murillo and this blog too.

My mail is and my name is Gondor Tari.

This is my blog. I will publish now the giveaway!!!
01/16/11 @ 19:14
Comment from: sara [Visitor] ·
WOW your blog is AMAAZZINGGG! :] :]
my top two favorites is the ponybrown one and the cat one, because i have two fat white cats like it :]

liked & followed via bloglovin if that's okayyy
blog link:
01/16/11 @ 19:48
Comment from: Mandy Chan [Visitor]
Waah, this is sooo cute ^^-
I just saw this giveaway @ facebook (sweet & tiny), haha, last minute-thingy.

I would like to participate, please \(^0^)/

My name: Mandy Chan
My email:
My FB:

My top 2 agenda's would be:
#Choo choo
#Alice in Wonderland
(I'm a Huge fan of Dinsey, but I prefer kitties more

I will post this entry @ my facebook. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a cute agenda, I'm still in high school, so a new agenda would be very useful for me.

This would be my first participation by yours, and I love it. So I'm gonna 'like' you at facebook.

Ps. I <3 your Livejournal Japanese magazines post, please keep it up!
01/16/11 @ 21:11
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor] · http://s2myserendipity.blogspot
I liked your facebook page and posted about your giveaway on my blogspot!

Name: Rachel
Email: rachel.nguyen92@gmail
Blog: s2mySerendipity.blogspot

My first choice would be the Alice one and the second would be any Ponybrown!
01/16/11 @ 22:58
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
★ giveaway is closed now, thanks for joining ★ ~
01/17/11 @ 00:02

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