February 2011 in a nutshell ~


  • Start of the Chinese Rabbit Year! my year *muahahaha*
  • Valentine's Day - my bf came to visit me during worktime and brought me a cute heart-shaped dessert! ♥
  • Celebrating 1 year Laurita.ch
  • restarted Japanese classes!
  • bought a craft book and started learning to knit (I'm still bad though....-.-')
  • falling asleep to relaxing music (rainymood.com or forestmood.com etc)

Currently ♥-ing

♥ food: cereal crackers with Kiri cheese (perfect snack when busily on the run)
♥ clothes: Liz Lisa Leopard Coat & brown Innocent World boots
♥ activity: (Sunday: ) taking a refreshing stroll in a near wood with my boyfriend and Princess Coco (& watching her jumping around happily)
♥ tv drama: KDRAMA 《마이 프린세스》 (My Princess) specially the first few episodes are SO funny >_<'
♥ book: "How to be Hepburn in a Hilton World" by Christy Jordan
♥ iphone app: CAMERAtan (as you can see, all photos were edited with this app ♥ )

Plans for March 2011

  • start learning Needle Felting! ♥
  • buy a library card and start renting books and videos
  • sponsor a girl in Vietnam (through WorldVision - I used to sponsor a Mongolian girl when I was younger but then her family moved out of the project territory so the sponsorship finished)
  • exchanging snail mail (& small gifts) with cool Gals in Japan
  • start reading "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman and "Pronoia is the antidote for Paranoia" by Rob Brezsny


Comment from: ねこちゃん [Visitor] · http://www.wasgaht.ch/nekoblog
i LOVE your new hair color!!! & the leopard jacket is really cool & suits you perfectly!!!
byebye ねこちゃん
02/28/11 @ 00:47
Comment from: sara [Visitor] · http://iomoo.wordpress.com
EEE you're so cute!
also your dog: pomeranian or american eskimo? i have an eski ;D
02/28/11 @ 01:48
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]
Hiya, this is my first time commenting here, very nice photos and your dog is adorable~~~

Sorry I can't link my website I don't know why, its a blogspot one
02/28/11 @ 12:44
Comment from: Lili [Visitor]
Sponsoring is a great idea; hope everything goes smoothly.
Good luck with knitting! I was thinking about learning it too lately.

P.S.:Your and my dog should have a date ;) (tokyodollparts.blogspot)
02/28/11 @ 19:03
Comment from: Miho-chan [Visitor] Email · http://mihoshappylife.wordpress.com/
Everyone looks so Happy ^.^ especially the biiiig S.M.I.L.E of Princess Coco =)
02/28/11 @ 20:22
Comment from: Kitamura [Visitor] · http://www.ikitamura.blogspot.co
OOh such a cute cat ^^ same colour as my cat, except he doesn't have the white parts.

Ive been watching" New Tales of Gisaeng ", quite nice.
But I still have other dramas I need to finish watching.

The picture with you & the apple tart looks so cute, its like your doing a commercial.
I would probably go & buy the apple tart, just because of your commercial.

looking good with the red & leopard coat.
03/01/11 @ 12:15
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@ねこちゃん: danke ^^ actually my hair color is always changing (not cause I dye it but cause the sun is brightening it out^^')

@sara: thank you ^///^ my puppy is a toy spitz (a tad bigger than pomeranian) but it also looks a bit like an eskimo, doesn't it? :D

@Sarah: thanks for commenting, I appreciate ^^ You can link it, just don't write the .com part... ^^' (that's how others do it)

@Lili: I will try my best! ^_^
I also hope the sponsorship will go well, looking forward to receiving the photo of my new "child" :D

@Miho-chan: She always looks like she's smiling, doesn't she? That's what I love about this dog breed! ❤

@Kitamura: *haha* you have a cat? Cat's are so naughty and so funny =D
I'll take a look at that Drama too, thanks... actually I am also watching about 3 different dramas... everything gets a bit confused XD
thanks for the compliment! That was my Valentine's Day present and I was showing off XP
03/01/11 @ 22:42
Comment from: Melinda [Visitor]
I really love all ur photos! may i know what program do u use to arrange them? it's like scrapbooking :D

P.S. you are really beautiful and thanks for all the jmags <333
03/05/11 @ 04:59
Comment from: Komachi [Visitor] · http://www.raspberry-juice.de
I really like your outfit with the red coat and hat! *-*
03/05/11 @ 09:13
Comment from: Tieng [Visitor]
Thanks for all the jmags. Recently discovered your blog and I find it so cute. Especially your heart waffle picture!

I looked at the books you have for your March 2011 list and they seem great. Thanks for the book recs. :)
03/06/11 @ 20:23
Comment from: lacosta [Member] Email
@Melinda: THANKS ❤ I use the CAMERAtan iphone app to add a filter and the border and then I transfer them to my computer and edit (rotate) them on Photoshop! ^^

@Komachi: Thank you ^^ I love the color red, it's a super expressive color! ~

@Tieng: Thanks for your compliment ❤ I really enjoy reading so-called "self-improvement book" - if you find them interesting, you should go check out a "self help" shelf in your local library - you'll find many jewels! ^.~
03/06/11 @ 21:19

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