May 2011 in a nutshell ~

HAPPENINGS...watched heaps of Asian TV Dramas again! ^_^;BC14th D26th ~ laogong and I bought a ticket for ♥ ♥ ♥ Currently ♥-ing❤ food: ❤ clothes: ♥❤ activity: ☆&#… more »

Happy Easter ~

This is a cute chocolate bunny I bought for laogong a while ago. While I was at work I did a small photoshoot.Unfortunately there's no happy end - the bunny is already in laogong's tummy... xPAnyway, I've been sick the most part of this and las… more »

March 2011 in a nutshell ~

14 ~ white day. laogong bought me a cute orchidea ~18 ~ 2 years 6 months anniversary. my brother, laogong and I enjoyed the day at Alpamare, a Swiss waterslide parkCurrently ♥-ing♥ food: various fruits for breakfast and innocent s… more »