Ice Cream Break ~

After all that studying my boyfriend and I took some time to go to our favourite mall and hang around.We enjoyed a nice ice cream and took some fun photos... here they are:btw, I get the feeling that my blog has been evolving into a photo-spam-… more »

Studying! ~

Sorry for not updating! I'm really busy studying! My final exams (in Economics) are on June 7th, June 8th and June 16th and so now I'm quite stressed out... I'm a notorious last-minute student, but in university that isn't as easy as in highschool… more »

A bit of rant ~

beware - rant!!! Hello dears! ~ I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday! Actually I decided that I'll start posting every second day! (well, of course, if I feel like it, I'll update every day, but I will not force myself to do so!)After coming b… more »