March 2011 in a nutshell ~

14 ~ white day. laogong bought me a cute orchidea ~18 ~ 2 years 6 months anniversary. my brother, laogong and I enjoyed the day at Alpamare, a Swiss waterslide parkCurrently ♥-ing♥ food: various fruits for breakfast and innocent s… more »

February 2011 in a nutshell ~

HappeningsStart of the Chinese Rabbit Year!Valentine's DayCelebrating 1 year Laurita.chrestarted Japanese classes!bought a craft book and started learning to knit (I'm still bad though....-.-')falling asleep to relaxing music ( o… more »

A summer day ~

Today was such a great summer day! I decided that we really had to go out. Originally I wanted to go shopping for white summer sandals and a new bikini all by myself but in the end we ended up g more »

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